Do I Know What I Want?

I like to think I understand what I really want in life. You probably think the same thing about your life. We think we understand what we want in our relationships with our family and friends. We think we understand what we want to accomplish in our vocation. We think we understand what stuff we want to store in our garage and attic. We want to think we know what we want, and we truly believe that what we want for ourselves is truly the best, most life-giving direction for our lives. But at some point we all will face the sobering question, “Do I really know what I really want, and will my wants prove to be the best thing for me?” Just do a little self-assessment. Think back to what you wanted so desperately as a teen. Did you ultimately get what you once wanted? Are you glad you got what you once wanted, or glad that you never got it? Upon further examination, do you find yourself grateful for the unfulfilled wants of your past that you now, years later, realize were a waste of time and energy?