Walking my way through an extended time of Sabbath brought me to the place where I had to realize and confess, “I’m finding out that I don’t have what it takes.” When we enter into God’s rest He brings us to a place where we realize our very real limitations. Of course we’d all like to live in the myth that we have what it would take to remove all that is wrong with our lives. We want to believe we have the power to overcome the challenges and difficulties of life. Of course we’d like to live in the myth that we have what it would take to produce all of the things that would make our lives better. We want to believe we have the ability to overcome the unsatisfactory status-quo and make our lives better. Sure, we all have some God-given abilities that can get some things done, but when we step into God’s invitation to renew we realize how limited these abilities really are – they really can accomplish only so much. So why not admit it? Why not step away from the pretension project we've been pursuing, and just admit the truth about ourselves? As Goethe once observed, “The man with insight enough to admit his limitations comes nearest to perfection.” Admitting our weakness, and our limitations is the most life-giving thing we can do. So go tell someone about your limitations today, and see what happens to you and to them.