The Runt - Part II

When God invited Gideon to join Him in delivering Israel from oppression, Gideon asked God a question. “I’m the weakest member of the weakest family, in the weakest clan, of the weakest tribe in all of Israel. I’m the runt! What are you doing talking to me about saving Israel?” God didn’t reveal His answer to Gideon’s question until it came time for Gideon to assemble an army. Gideon might have been a runt, but he was smart enough to know that when you go to war, you stack as many odds in your favor as you can, and you assemble as big an army as you can. So Gideon recruited over 30,000 fighting men, but God surprised Gideon. The Lord said to Gideon, “You have too many men. I cannot deliver Midian into their hands, or Israel would boast against me, ‘My own strength has saved me.’” Judges 7:2God wanted Gideon and Israel to be very clear that they didn’t have what it would take, and to very be clear about where their strength actually came from. God wanted to make this so visibly evident that He directed Gideon to send home 22,000 fighting men. Even after this extensive thinning of the army, God told Gideon his army was still too big. God ultimately directed Gideon to reduce his army to a mere 300 fighting men. God then took the runt who didn’t have what it took, and his runt army, and worked through them to rout the much larger Midianite army. Gideon and his army clearly didn’t have what it took to fix their circumstances, but that didn’t mean their situation was hopeless – it just meant they were not strong enough to handle life without God. You and I clearly do not have what it takes to fix our circumstances, but that doesn't leave us without hope - it just means we can't handle life without God. Is this a freeing concept or a frustrating concept for you? Let me know