World's Greatest

I used to have this childhood fantasy created by a Disney movie. Actually this childhood fantasy was so powerful I took it with me into my adult life. Disney put out a movie called, “The World’s Greatest Athlete.” It was about a down on his luck track & field coach who traveled to Africa where he stumbled upon a Tarzan-like character named Nanu. Following the tragic death of his missionary parents, Nanu was taken in and raised by jungle animals, which supposedly explained his incredible speed, strength, and agility. Nanu, had no idea, but the track coach recognized that Nanu was in fact the world's greatest athlete. Wouldn’t it be great to be the world’s greatest at something, if only someone would discover your greatness, reveal it to you, and then help you show it off the whole world? This has been my long-held fantasy. I used to daydream that maybe I was the world’s best at something like speed skating, but I just didn’t know it because I hadn’t tried it yet. I’d daydream that someone someday would come along to discover me, and help me bring my greatness to the world’s attention.Why did I hold on to a juvenile Disney induced fantasy? I held on to my Disney-fantasy because I like to believe I have what it takes to be the greatest at something, and because this world has made it very clear that to be somebody in this world you have to be the best. I also held on because so much of my life experience involved the exact opposite of greatness; regularly discovering I wasn’t the best at much of anything. My life experience proved I was okay in some things, average in others, good at few, and great at well - nothing. So I continued to daydream while I also worked hard trying to somehow work my way into having what it takes in life, to master whatever life could throw at me, and be truly great.I know I’m not alone in this desire for and pursuit of greatness.  All of us work hard to prove we have what it takes, and daydream about being discovered for our greatness.  We want to know, and we want everyone around us to know, that we have what it takes. But is this dream even worth coming true? Is this an endeavor worth chasing? Even if we actually were the “world’s greatest,” would that greatness help us handle everything life in a broken world will to throw at us? What if we never became the greatest at anything in our lives? Would that life still be worth living?