Freedom To Enjoy

Realizing that you don't own a single thing, and you never will, is very scary territory for control freaks (like myself) because we tend to live in fear that our lack of ownership will lead to our lack of enjoyment. Said another way, we often think we’ll get the most enjoyment out of that which we most control. But enjoyment does not require ownership. God had every intention that His people fully enjoy the Promised-land they did not, and would never, own. When God invites us to release our mythology of personal ownership, He isn’t asking us to relinquish enjoyment of the rich tapestry that makes up our lives.  God simply wants us to abandon unreality, and find our satisfaction in the reality of what God is willing to share. Real living happens for those who can admit, “I don’t own anything.” Here's a question for you to consider today - How are you losing out on the very enjoyment of life that you seek, because you're trying so hard to be in control?