Escape From Unreality

When God draws us into a time of Sabbath with Him, He draws us into a place where reality and unreality are no longer mixed up in our minds and hearts. As the famous saying goes, “You can’t take it with you.” When we sit still in Sabbath, we come alive to the fact that we don’t make air enter our lungs. We don’t make our next heart beat happen. We don’t make our next day of life a reality. We don't make the sun rise or the sun set. We don’t make our stuff come into our lives, and we aren't the ones who make those things enjoyable without a whole lot of assistance from God. In Sabbath, we discover the reality that we don’t own a single thing and we never will. We are stewards of what God graciously chooses to share with us. Why do you think this is hard for us to swallow? Share your thoughts so that others can learn from you.