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I've been exploring the question - what exactly do we own in life? Scripture is very clear about the fact that we really own nothing. We are merely stewards of what God's graciously willing to share with us for however long He sees fit to share it. But instead of taking comfort in this fact, it often makes us squirm.One of the more difficult realities during my burnout recovery was the reality of living without a salary. My church family graciously paid for a sabbatical salary during three months of my break, but the other three months were an unpaid leave of absence. That was a little scary. Who am I kidding? It was very scary! As I prepared to enter my Sabbath time, and tried to get my head around how we would make it without my salary for three months, it was interesting how much I found myself wanting to buy more stuff. The knowledge that I was about to have less prompted a deep desire to accumulate more. I wanted to buy this and that because I wanted to medicate my anxiety about an unpaid future. I wanted to accumulate as many things as I could while I had a little bit of money as if I could wrap those things around me like pillows to soften the blow of an unpaid future. It was alarming to see how I so quickly tried to comfort my anxieties about my life with the things I “owned” more than taking comfort in my Heavenly Father who graciously shares “every good and perfect gift” with me.Here are some questions to consider for your own life. How do you use what you "own" to provide comfort and peace in your heart? How long does that comfort actually last? Do you find yourself relying on your stuff more than you rely on God to provide the comfort you need?