I Got This

From the day we are born, we're taught how to manage our lives. The better the parenting we received when we were children, the better we learned how to manage ourselves, and our circumstances in life. Most of us were taught how to manage eating, brushing our teeth, clothing ourselves, doing our homework, and earning a paycheck that pays our bills. By the time we reach adulthood we live as if we have a pretty good handle on managing people, and events in our lives. We like to believe that we can manage which people will be in our lives, and manage how those people will treat us. We like to think we can steer ourselves away from bad events, and even overcome them when necessary. We sometimes even begin to live as if we can somehow manage how God will reward us. In short, most of us live with an inner conviction that believes, “I got this.”But how much do we really manage life? Do we really have the ability, on our own, to control all the factors which lead people in and out of our lives, and control the way each of them will choose to treat us? Do we really believe we control the outcomes of every event in our lives? Do we think the things that we are doing will somehow control, shape or manage how God will respond to us? We certainly live as if we believe we’ve “got this,” but do we really control the outcomes?