What Do You Know?

Most of us believe that we have mastery over a fair amount of information. Depending on who we are we possess high school, undergraduate, and graduate degrees along with many life experiences. So at the very least we think we know enough to at least get by, if not thrive, in life. If we ever happen to discover the limits of our knowledge, we believe we have the capacity to access the knowledge we will need to solve our problems or gain success. The so-called “information age” simmers with an unstated belief that "enhanced access to vast streams of information will produce enhanced solutions to the vast problems of the human experience." As the saying goes, we believe, “knowledge is power.”But how much do we know really? Do we, on our own, really know all of what we need in order to live well? Do we really have the ability, in and of ourselves, to access the knowledge we most need when we arrive at the limits of our knowledge? Does this information age really help us thrive or does it just give us so many more things to think about that we have no capacity to interpret, integrate, or apply into our lives?