Not Necessarily

I've tended to have this idea in my head that goes something like, "If I could just know exactly where God's taking me, then it would be so easy to believe and so easy to act." This idea manifests itself in other wrinkles. I've heard  unbelieving people tell me, "Dude. If God just went 'Bam! I'm here! Deal with it!' I'd totally believe in God." I've heard believers say, "If God would just clearly tell me what He's up to in all of this, then I'd have no problem trusting Him." The thread in all of these thoughts is this idea that visible revelation from God will automatically lead to trust in God. Here's what I've learned - not necessarily!There are places in the bible where God manifests His unmistakable glory and it does lead to greater trust (as in Job's encounter with God), but it isn't all that rare to see other times when God clearly reveals Himself and people still want nothing to do with Him, or even worse have hearts that grow more callous towards Him (as in the various responses to Jesus and His many miracles) The hard truth is - revelation doesn't automatically generate trust in the human heart, and God's revelation of His desires isn’t automatically easy for every person to embrace. But when we do embrace God's revelation to us, it always leads to life. The great question is - are we the kind of people who are ready respond to God's revelation?