Ambiguity Part III

There are a few ways most of us tend to respond in the awkward experience of sustained ambiguity. The most obvious response is to completely ignore God’s invitation to enter Sabbath rest – to “run for the hills” and ignore all the warning signs in our lives telling us that we really need to renew with an extended Sabbath. The next most common response is to enter into rest but throughout the journey grasp at anything that feels a little more “known,” “safe,” or “under control” – in other words flail. The deep ambiguity of Sabbath renewal always makes us flail to somehow gain some control over the renewing process; how we will renew, how we will be provided for, how we will benefit, and where the renewing journey will lead us. The only other response is the hardest one of all. The hardest response is to remain unmoved, waiting with God in the ambiguity until He leads us out of our time of renewal. This is the only response that leads to the greater discoveries, greater adventures, and greater revelation in our lives. So how about you? Are you ignoring all the warning signs telling you to take a break, are you taking a break but flailing the whole time, or are you waiting with God until He leads you out of renewal and into a new season of life?