Ambiguity - Part II

By definition, ambiguity means, “sitting with an unknown” or “something which isn’t completely clear to us.” The Sabbath renewal journey places us in a state of great unknown. If we stop doing all that we normally do each day, we just don’t know what we’ll discover about our lives, our God, or ourselves. We don’t know if God will provide for our needs if we just stopped. We don’t know if we can handle what we’ll discover about ourselves when we’re stripped of activity, and the push of time constraints. We don’t know what we will be like on the other side of the awkward ambiguity. We don’t even know what this ambiguous time of renewal will actually accomplish for us – if it will even produce much of anything we consider worthwhile. Sabbath rest means being placed in suspended state of ambiguity before God. Do you see why we're so afraid to take a break?