Ambiguity Part I

If you read any of last week's posts I think you might agree with me that, on the surface of things, it’s surprising God’s people couldn’t bring themselves to enjoy sustained rest. But, when you stop to consider what it would actually be like to rest and renew for an entire year, you begin to see why it was a pretty uncomfortable proposition. Think about how much of your own life is defined by time and what you do to occupy that rhythm of time. Who are you really when your inactivity slows time to the pace of a crawl, and you no longer need to keep up with the rhythm of a ticking clock? Think about how much of your life is defined by your work. Who are you really when you take away what you do each day? Think about how much of your contentment is based upon what you’re accomplishing. Who are you, and how much do you matter, when you’re not accomplishing anything? When you really think about it, you begin to see that purposeful rest from activity for a long period of time is a very uncomfortable proposition. It’s difficult to purposely place ourselves in a state of ambiguity where we relinquish control over our time, our work, and our accomplishments. How about you? Do you shy away from renewal because of the very issues I've just described?