God, I Got Priorities Here

When I dug around to see if God's people took up His offer for rest and renewal, I was blown away to see that God’s brilliant Sabbath idea ended up being largely overlooked. Imagine our nation being constructed around this rhythm of rest and renewal, and everybody did it together. Imagine that idea being an amendment in the American Constitution. Call me crazy, but I naively thought this design of a culture of renewal would be eagerly embraced. In truth, God's ordained Sabbath rhythm proved to be this great idea in theory, but it ended up being discarded in favor of Israel's other personal and national priorities. It was just too scary to stop normal everyday life as they knew it. It was too uncomfortable to cease doing all the activities that made it feel like their lives made some sense. In the end, God’s people simply found it too difficult to stop and Sabbath. Do you find yourself burnt out because stopping and renewing is a great theory, but too scary to actually practice?