Come Here!

The great Bill Cosby had this part in one of his old routines where he talked about trying to get his kids to come and talk to him. He described how he would say "Come here," but they wouldn't come. So he would say it louder. Still they wouldn't come. Finally he would loudly say "COME HERE!" five times over, and then his kids would finally come and talk with him. I think that's a pretty good picture of God the Father's message to his children every day. "Come here!" Sometimes He only has to say it once, many other times He has to repeat Himself, and sometimes with even greater volume.I know this because of the picture described in Hebrews 10:22. It simply says that we are now to simply, “draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith.” Today is a new day, a day to stop moving back from God in our suspicion, and a day to start moving close to God in faith. Now is the time to draw near and learn more of what it means to enjoy God, to be empowered by God, and to feel absolutely safe in His presence. Go have a conversation with God about anything - anything at all. If you can take time now, go to your favorite safe place and start talking to God about your fears, concerns, doubts, or reasons why you enjoy a certain sin so much. If you can’t take the time now, set up a date when you will draw near and really talk things out with God.  You might find that writing a letter to God describing what you really feel and think is a helpful way to start.  An indestructible life flows out of this radically safe, relentlessly loving, and transformational relationship God has given us by His grace. God's calling you, "Come here!"