A Life Like Jesus

As I wrote in my last post, if we don’t believe in or understand what we have, we won’t appreciate, enjoy, or engage it. Perhaps you look at the gift of the new life Jesus has given you - a radically safe, relentlessly loving relationship with God - and you think, “It's very nice, but there’s nothing incredible here.” Perhaps you struggle to form a good picture in your mind of what this new life looks like.We all need a real-life picture that can help us understand what this new life can look like right here and now. The truth is, this radically safe, relentlessly loving relationship Christ has won for us is completely alien to us – completely awesome, but completely alien. We hear about life without guilt and we think, “That sounds great, but what does it really look like?”  We ponder the reality of a life without worthlessness and most of us say, “Sign me up, but I don’t know how that would work.” We love the idea of a life without shame and we think, “Amazing! But I need to see what that would look like.” The best way to make sense of these wonderful, and yet very alien truths, is to see how they have been lived out in someone’s actual life.The good news is that Jesus’ recorded life gives us a real-life picture of what our relationship with God can look like. The life He lived in the flesh, during His 30 plus year stay on our planet, puts on full display the quality of life (the wholeness, the peace, the purpose, the love, and the joy) God offers to all humanity.  There are many scenes we could pick from Jesus’ life-story, but in my upcoming posts I'm going to share three moments from His life that have helped me form a much clearer a picture of what God’s gift of new life looks like. Before you read the posts to come, ask yourself, "How would I describe the life Jesus died to give me, and how would I describe the relationship He rose from the dead to win for me?"