Gaining What You Cannot Lose

As a child I was absolutely amazed by a story of sacrifice, and commitment to the cause of a kingdom not of this world. I was impressed by the story of Jim and Elizabeth Elliott's passion for bringing the Good News of indestructible life through Jesus to unreached people groups. Tragically Jim and four other missionary's lost their lives to the Auca Indians they came to love. In spite of the tragedy, Elizabeth and other wives ended up reaching, and leading the Auca people to Christ - a story Elizabeth recorded in the book "Through Gates Of Splendor." Their story was also recorded in a 2004 documentary entitled "Beyond the Gates of Splendo,r" and then in a 2008 full length feature film entitled "End Of The Spear." If you've never read the story, you need to in the coming year. These are the words Jim Elliot recorded in his prayer journal as he prepared to reach the Auca Indians who snuffed out his life with a spear:"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose" - Jim ElliottAs you prepare for 2013, be prepared to recklessly abandon yourself to whatever God wants to do in you and through you. You won't be proven a fool.