It's About Relationship Stupid

This blog is a conversation at the intersection between God and the human experience, and our human experience is loaded with suspicion of God. Our natural heart cannot believe He’s as good as He really is, and so we run from God and to all kinds of other appetites. It is vital to know that our suspicions about God, and the nature of our relationship with Him, are not what is true. What’s true is what God’s Word tells us, and the Word tells us God has given us a radically safe relationship where we can bring all of who we are, all the time, and be changed.  By “radically safe” I mean there is nothing you can say or do that will change what God thinks of you or change His intentions towards you. ”Revealing all of who we are all of the time” means you can always be just who you are, just the way you are, before God.  “Being changed” means that as you bring all of who you are into this radically safe relationship, there will come a time when you grow up and grow out of the need for your compulsion.  God’s relationship with you will be what transforms you into an ever-increasing resemblance to Jesus Christ.Remember Ken from a previous post? Ken struggled with pornography for a long, long time. It wasn’t until two things happened that tangible transformation took place in his life. First, he discovered God unconditionally loved him even in the middle of his struggle.  Second, he discovered the transformative power of bringing everything out in the open before God and other trusted friends all of the time. As he began leaning into this radically safe relationship with God, he had success, and he had failures, but failure no longer made him run from God. Now failure became another opportunity to talk more honestly about the deeper issues that needed to be talked about. Over time, living in freedom from his compulsion was more common than living in its grip. Today, Ken has to be wise with his limitations, but he has been changed into a man who goes to God first when the insecurity wells up within him and he just wants to look at pictures to escape. God has given him freedom, and will continually give him even more freedom.What about you? Will you have an honest conversation with God about your area of weakness? Begin bringing all of who you are before the God who loves you. This radically safe relationship will change your life and heal your compulsion.