Holy Addicts

I am fascinated by the fact that Scripture’s answer to compulsion is not “Stop it!” or “Try harder!” God’s word simply presents vitally important realities about the nature of our relationship to God that transforms those who embrace it. First, if we start seeing ourselves the way God sees us, instead of how we see ourselves, we will be changed.  Second, if we start bringing all of our needs before God, instead of someone or something else, we will change. Finally, if we start believing the value we really do have, we will increasingly live like it.It may sound funny but the truth is, God made us addictive.  Every human is an addict. The nicer way of saying it would be to say God made human beings dependent. As His image bearers He created us with a certain kind of freedom to choose what we will be dependent upon. There are only two possible forms of human addiction. First, Philippians 3:19 tells us we can be a people whose “god is their stomach.”  This simply means one possible human addiction is dependence on our appetites. Hebrews 10: 22 provides a different option when it says we can choose to be a people who “draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith.” In other words, the other option for our addiction is dependence upon the relationship God has willingly offered to us.  Listen to Dallas Willard’s beautiful description of how this dependence changes everything in our lives.“The effect of standing before God by welcoming him before us will . . . be the transformation of our entire life.  All else that enters our mind, and especially the thoughts that first come to mind as we encounter various kinds of events that make up our lives, will be healthy, godly, and good.  The conclusions we ‘jump’ to, prompted by events around us, will be those in harmony with the realities of a good-God-governed universe, not the illusions of a godless or a me-governed universe, or one where man is supreme – or no one is. My patterns of thinking will conform to the truths of scriptural revelation, and I will extend and apply these truths, under the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit, to all the details of my daily life.” It is dependence or addiction to our relationship with God that transforms appetite addicts into “children of light.” Are you more dependent upon "your stomach" or upon drawing "near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith"?