It's All (And I mean ALL) Out In The Open

God is so for us that He has made a relationship with us where everything we feel, think, and do is out in the open before His gaze of love. Just look at what the bible says: “Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ himself? Shall I then take the members of Christ and unite them with a prostitute? Never! Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, ‘The two will become one flesh.’  But whoever is united with the Lord is one with him in spirit.” 1 Cor. 6: 15-17This gets really interesting. Scripture paints a vivid picture of how God actually sees believers when they engage in compulsive sin.  When we engage in our compulsions God sees His Son Jesus doing it right there with us.  For most of us, our natural reaction is to shudder in guilt and disgust of this picture of us being so united with Jesus that God actually sees Jesus involved in our sin.  But remember our guilt has been paid for in full! This means we have to recognize that God’s word is making a point much more important than mere guilt.  God’s word is describing the reality of the relationship we have with Him, and through it calling into question a compulsive sinner’s thinking.  The reality is this – as believers, we are so united with God that we are one with Him in spirit in everything we do.  This begs a very important exploratory question – If all a believer truly needs for a healthy sex life is fully available to them because they’re now alive in a relationship with the God who invented sex, why (outside of the immediate thrill of doing something illicit) would they continue feeding the black hole of their lust in sex acts which provide them no intimacy, no commitment, and no love? You see God’s word makes this significant point, “Even your worst is out in the open safety of your secure relationship to God!”Consider how that probably played out one Sunday morning 2000 years ago when this letter was first read to the church in Corinth. First, the men who'd been going to the temple felt guilty, but then they probably started thinking, “Wait a minute. What I’ve been doing isn’t hidden?  Even in the middle of sex with a prostitute I’m alive to God? Through Jesus I’m united to God in the deepest, most eternally binding way?” Then they begin to ask themselves a good question, “Why am I uniting myself to someone who does not love me, can’t meet my needs, or solve my problems?” It probably didn’t immediately remove their temptation, but at least it got them thinking accurately. Maybe they started living a little more openly before God.  Maybe some of them got more radical and they started consciously including God into their compulsion saying, “I guess let’s do this thing together God. I mean it’s all out in the open before you anyway. I might as well tell you why I do it, why I like it, and how I feel after I’m done.” We don’t know if this actually happened, but just imagine a few men of Corinth actually trying.  Before too long the ones who started including God openly into their whole compulsion grew increasingly uninterested in sex acts because honestly bringing God with them was doing more for them than the sex ever did. Do you grasp the revolutionary power of this passage? If someone trapped in compulsive sin starts assuming it’s safe to go to God with anything and in any condition, they will begin to bring their desires, needs, and even lusts to God rather than some compulsive activity so that He can meet that need in His beautiful way and in His beautiful time.The Bible provides a second brilliant insight for the challenge of human weakness. What we believe we have (or don’t have) in our relationship with God determines where we go to get what we need. In this particular case, Christian men in Corinth were encouraged to understand God cared about their sex life, and had no problem hearing about it and even being included in it. Consider the ramifications of what this means. If we don’t believe God is kind, slow to anger, good, and able to provide to us what is most desirable in life - we will go somewhere else to have our needs met.   This usually involves the pursuit of some pleasure-giving, pain-killing activity that works for about 30 seconds before it leaves us wracked with guilt, and in even greater need to have even more pleasure to kill off even more pain. If we know, however, that we can include God in everything we think, feel and do, it opens up all kinds of possibilities that eventually lead to our freedom. If I rely upon the freedom I’ve been given to talk with God about anything, and process with Him my wants, desires, lusts, and needs, my compulsions will slowly disappear. Are you inspired to have a very naked conversation with God about the stuff He already knows you think and feel?