Our True Destiny

In the middle of the English Reformation, English and Scottish church leaders put their heads together and wrote a summary of their best understanding of the Christian faith called The Westminster Shorter Catechism of Faith.  It was written in a simple question and answer format.  The very first point made by their confession was the following:Question - What is the chief end of man?Answer - Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.Consider the confession’s simple and wonderful summary for a moment.  Humanity’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever.  This means the proper destiny for humanity ends with our focus fixed on God, and His glory alone.  This is the only destiny leading us into an experience of life and enjoyment forever. Unfortunately most of us live with our own catechism that is quite different and goes something like: “God’s chief end is to love ME, and enjoy ME forever.”  We do ourselves great harm when we mistake God’s kindness as God’s desire to make everything revolve around us. We’re being quite immature when we think God can be trusted only when He makes it all about us. We need not be suspicious of God simply because He is sovereign over a universe that will not ultimately be about us in the end.What if God knows that making everything about us would not be a good destiny for us?  Is it good for us when we try to make it all about us in our present life?  What if, by making His glory the ultimate end of the universe and giving us grace so that we might ultimately be fit to stand with Him in His glory, God is in fact giving us something far better than a universe all about us? Our ultimate end is to freely give our God of grace and love the glory He is due, not so that we will be less and experience less, but so that we will be more and experience more than we ever could have imagined.   God has set us free from our guilt, worthlessness, and shame in order to prepare us for a destiny where He will usher us into His glory and be fit to enjoy every part of the experience with Him forever. Amen!