The Enabling Gospel

Thought I would post another short venting session today. I'm concerned by what has emerged to be the prevailing spirit of our understanding of the Gospel in North America. I believe we have wrongly embraced an enabling Gospel which believes that the core message of the Good News is - “I get to invite God to be wrapped up in my life, and He is eager and ready to say yes." This inaccurate “good news” confuses God’s unconditional acceptance as being the same thing as God’s unconditional approval – where we get to continue being us; doing what we’ve always done, thinking the way we’ve always thought, living the way we’ve always lived. It’s a “good news” that believes God’s greatest aim is to serve us and love us by setting us free to do our thing just like we always have.The last time I checked the real Gospel challenges this inaccuracy and teaches us – “I don’t invite God to be wrapped up in my life. God’s invites me to be wrapped in His life, and He’s done what it took to make it possible for me to say ‘yes.’” The truth is, indestructible life couldn’t be about God being wrapped up in our small, sickly agenda and existence. Indestructible life is God, at great sacrifice to Himself, doing what it took to let us become wrapped up in His unending life and His vast, beautiful agenda for this universe. God offers us a life that includes but doesn’t end at just “God loves me the way I am.” God has won for us and offered us a full and complete life where “He loves me just the way I am, and loves me so much He will not leave me the way I am.” Where do you see the enabling Gospel at work around you? Do you see it in your own thinking?