As Guilty As Sin

Can you remember your worst moment?  Most of the time we don’t think we’re all that bad. We secretly think the Bible is being a little extreme when it says that we’re all sinners.  Well, we might think other people that we know are sinners, but we don't think we're all that bad. However, every one of us has had one of those moments when we realized our sin was very real and very ugly.  In that moment we knew we were screwed up, we had done wrong, and wished we could turn back the clock to do just one thing differently to erase the damage and the guilt.  To understand what God has done about the issue of our very real guilt, we have to begin by understanding those clear moments of desperation when we wanted our guilt removed.We must put ourselves back in these moments of desperation and then ask this very important question - what does the Bible say about my guilt?  Take note of the question; the question is not, “What does a typical church say about guilt?” or “What does the typical church person say about guilt?” The question is, “What does God’s Word say about guilt?” Stay tuned.