God's Personal Space

In John 20 we read about "doubting Thomas." Not everyone immediately believed the wild story that Jesus was alive, and Thomas didn’t immediately believe it either.  Scripture says  “the other disciples told him” about Jesus 'resurrection, but this could be better translated, “they kept telling him.”  In other words, the other disciples kept trying to convince Thomas that they didn’t all have a spontaneous group hallucination, and that Jesus was in fact alive. Thomas wouldn’t hear it.  In fact, he reveals his “unless requirements" - the things I've written about in the last two posts.   Thomas wanted tangible evidence before he would believe.  If he didn’t get it he said he would not believe, or more literally, “I positively will not believe.”Seven days after Jesus’ first appearance, He appears again to the disciples. But this time, Thomas is there, and Jesus goes directly to him.  Take note of what Jesus does not do!  He does not make any of the comments that most of us would make if we had just come back from the dead.  He doesn’t say: “Thomas! What’s your big problem!?” “What? You’re not gonna buy it until I meet your special demands?” “Any other tricks you need me to perform before you get it?”Instead of condemnation, we see the tender compassion of Jesus as He meets Thomas as he is – full of questions and unbelief. Talk about letting someone into your personal space!  Without any hesitation, Jesus moves in close to Thomas, so close that Thomas could touch him and examine the evidence that he had requested.  The living God in human flesh meets a man where he is, afraid to believe anything that isn’t real.Here is what this tells us about God - He is more than willing, not only to hear our “unless requirements,” but also to get close enough to us to let us see, touch, and experience what we need to experience in order to trust Him fully. This is what Jesus has been doing ever since the resurrection. Jesus knows our questions, our doubts, our unbelief, and He will not stop in His attempts to get close.  He’s drawing close to you even now (in the very act of your reading this book).  Close enough so that you can examine the evidence you have requested.