My past affects my present experience of God - Part III

I've spent a few days sharing a story from my past. Maybe you've already made the connection, but I tell my story to illustrate an important point here at the intersection between God and the human experience. Just as I had a hard time believing Coach Neal was not Coach Layton, so we struggle to believe that God is who He claims to be in His Word. Coach Layton represents all the experiences we’ve had with authority figures, father figures and significant others who have shaped our understanding of God, our beliefs about how the world really works (or how they taught us to think it really works), and how we function, or more accurately dysfunction, in this world. Coach Neal represents who God really is and yet because we’ve had all these dysfunctional experiences in life we are suspicious of Him and can’t quite bring ourselves to function in a new way under a new relationship with a very good God. Just as I had to reprogram how I related to a good coach and had to allow the reality of that relationship to change me as an athlete, so we all need move through the same process with the God who came to give us “life to the full.”