Real ideas about God – Part II The cosmic-judge-god

See if this particular god fits your own specific God-profile. Perhaps you serve a god of absolute fairness (or at least fairness as you would define it) who only gives people what they actually deserve. With this god, you work very hard to increase the amount of good that you do in life while decreasing the amount of bad that you do in order to get the life you want from this god. The deal with this “cosmic judge god” is simple – perform!  This god will give what is earned and cannot withhold what you worked so hard to earn from him.In your relationship with God, do you find yourself avoiding Him when you feel guilty?  You probably worship a cosmic judge.  Do you find yourself engaging God only when you’ve had a long stretch of “being really good”, and because you feel so confident in your goodness you ask Him to provide what is “only fair” for Him to provide to you?  Then your God has become your cosmic judge. Certainly Romans 3: 25 – 27 informs us that God has both judged and paid for our sin, but judgment is not the only expression of God’s complex character or the only means God uses to relate to sinful, broken people.  How does this God-profile affect your life?_________________________