Real ideas about God Part I - The cosmic-coke-machine-god

In the next few posts I want to explore the more common ideas we actually have about God. The first most common conception of God is the cosmic-coke-machine deity. Maybe your idea of god is this being who gives you what you want if you can find a way to appease, please, distract, or even overpower it. You manage what you get out of this god by physically injuring yourself, offering a human sacrifice here, an animal sacrifice there, or perhaps going to church every Sunday whether you liked it or not. Whatever you do to this god or for this god is all about doing whatever it takes to coax it into giving you what you want for yourself in the same way we get cokes out of a coke machine.Think about why and how you approach God. Do you approach Him only when you want or need something from Him? God is probably your cosmic coke machine. Do you generally enter into conversation with God to give Him all the reasons you believe He should do what you’re asking Him to do for you? Then your God is probably just a cosmic coke machine. How does this idea about God affect your existence?