Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

In his book Renovation of the Heart, Dallas Willard observes, “Ideas and images are . . . the primary focus of Satan’s efforts to defeat God’s purposes with and for humankind.  When we are subject to his chosen ideas and images, he can take a nap or a holiday.  Thus when he undertook to draw Eve away from God, he did not hit her with a stick, but with an idea.  It was with the idea that God could not be trusted and that she must act on her own to secure her own well-being.  This is the basic idea back of all temptation; God is presented as depriving us by his commands of what is good, so we think we must take matters into our own hands and act contrary that what he has said.  This image of God leads to our pushing him out of our thoughts . . . and putting ourselves on the throne of the universe.  The condition of the ruined soul and world naturally results.”What are the ideas that you possess deep inside of your soul?  I’m not talking about the ideas you tell yourself to think or tell yourself that you “should” think. I’m talking about the ideas you really think – the ones that hide, tucked away in the corners of your emotional landscape.  What ideas about life, God, and yourself do you harbor within?  How are those ideas connected to the sense of ruin, disappointment, and even devastation that you feel in your life?