A Garden, a Snake, and a Suspicion

Our collective story began in a garden, when Adam and Eve were given the gift of life and along with it a beautiful, lush environment in which to enjoy a very good existence in the presence of God.  No good thing was withheld from them, and the only boundary God established was a protective boundary. God spoke for Adam and Eve’s benefit when He said, “you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.” Just as soon as God established this single protective boundary, human suspicion of God began. In the face of God’s great generosity that littered the landscape surrounding them, Adam and Eve began to wonder, “Is God withholding something from us?” Disguised as a serpent, Satan fanned that ember of suspicion into a flame, getting them so obsessed with the idea God might be withholding, they could no longer see the value in the ridiculous abundance He had already generously provided.  Their suspicion of God’s character and God’s purposes led them to seize what they believed was a ‘better life’ for themselves on their own terms.  This continues to be the great dilemma of the human race.  Deep within our hearts, we’re pretty sure that if God does indeed exist, He isn’t all that good, and if He has any good to share, He’s withholding either a little bit or a whole lot.It certainly can feel like God’s withholding the body, the paycheck, the house, the spouse, the kids and the life we’d prefer.  What do you do that kind of raw idea bubbling up deeper down inside?  Do you just “shush” these deeper feelings by telling yourself, “I’m not supposed to have these kinds of thoughts about God”? Do you seize control of your own life (your version of “control”), take matters into your own hands, and pour everything you’ve got into building the life you would prefer and hope you get the results you’re looking for?  Where have you found these choices leading you?  What do you tend to do; shush the deeper narrative of suspicion, or take your life into your own hands?