Michelangelo Revisited

What if Michelangelo was an artist in the 21st century?  How would he express what he had to say within him?  He probably wouldn’t be given unlimited access by the Catholic church to paint whatever he wanted to paint on a chapel in Rome.  In my opinion, Michelangelo would have been a lot more like Banksy today – using open spaces on public walls to paint his view of the world.  The image header for this blog is a collective idea of what Michelangelo’s art might look like today if it was rendered Banksy-like with spray cans, on a wall in a very public place.  I thank my brother Mark for bringing this idea to life in this image.But I’m not writing just to discuss an evocative image, I’m writing to explore what the image communicates.  Michelangelo’s original Sistine Chapel showed God reaching out to touch Adam and Adam reaching out to touch God in return.  I think if Michelangelo were to have a few conversations here and there in the 21st century he would quickly realize his depiction of mankind’s interaction with God would need to be rendered differently today. He’d probably paint an image similar to the one we’ve rendered on this blog.  I don’t think most of us find ourselves all that comfortable reaching out for God anymore.  We’re too smart, too sophisticated, and too loaded with our questions to feel comfortable reaching for God. Today, most of us put up our hands when we arrive at the intersection where God’s relentless pursuit of us meets our relentless pursuit of independence.  What do you think? How do you hold your hands towards God?